The Pros and Cons of Installing an Under Sink Water Filter

Many different contaminants and pollutants have been found in municipal tap water. The type and quantity of contaminants found in the water will be dependent on its source. This is irrespective of the fact that most tap water passes through a purification process that before they are supplied for use in homes. Most toxic metals and pollutants found in tap water are detrimental to health. They may also affect the color, taste, and odor of your tap water. This is the reason why most homeowners invest in water purification systems. One of the most popular and efficient water filtration systems is the under sink water filter.


What is an Under Sink Water Filter

Under sink water filter are designed to be paired with your water line. As the name implies, the product is usually installed in the cabinet under your sink. If you decide to install this type of water filter in your home, you will find that water that comes out of your sink faucet will have to pass through it for filtration before it is available for your use. This is amazing as it helps to ensure that the water you use is pure and tasty thereby providing you with an amazing experience.


Why You Need an Undersink Water Filter

As you may already know, tap water supplied for use in homes are carefully processed to ensure that they are safe. In the United States, this is regulated under the Clean Water Act by the EPA in which it is provided that water that leaves the treatment plant should meet or even exceed strict quality standards. However, even with this, it has been found that tap water supplied to most homes contain various toxic metals and contaminants.

It could be that these contaminants gain access to your tap water after they leave the processing plant. This may occur through old or broken pipes. You will find that water supplied to homes in old cities have the most pollutants since the pipes, as well as the entire plumbing system, have been in existence for a long period of time.


Types of Under Sink Water Filter


Simple Under Sink Water Filter

The simple under sink water filter is popular among homeowners. As the name implies, it is pretty easy to install as you can complete the process yourself without requiring any professional assistance. With simple under sink water filters, you will find that the cold water line is diverted thus allowing it to pass through the filter for purification before it is available for your use. This invariably means that you don’t need to install an additional faucet to use this type of filters. Also, you will not need to alter your existing plumbing system with this product.

However, you should note that this type of filter will not filter hot water since it is only connected to the cold water line. The simple under sink water filter is easy to use and inexpensive compared to their conventional counterparts. It is compatible with virtually all types of under sink piping. However, this type of water filters has a relatively high water flow rate. Although this is not necessarily a bad thing, it also means that it may not be efficient for getting rid of some contaminants like bacteria and fluoride.

Also, since more water is filtered with this system, it invariably means that you will need to replace filters more frequently compared to conventional models.


Conventional Under Sink Water Filtration System

Conventional under sink water filter, on the other hand, is not easy to install. As the name implies, they feature a design that appears similar to that of the first sink filtering systems manufactured and supplied to the market. To use conventional under sink water filtration system, you will need to install an additional faucet on your sink. After installing the filter, you will find that the cold water line is diverted to the filtration systems with the aid of a plastic tube. When the purification process is complete, you will be able to use filtered water via the newly installed faucet.

It is important to state that only the water comes out from the newly installed faucet will be filtered and pure. Water from your old hot and cold sink faucet will remain unfiltered. An advantage of the conventional water filtration system is that water is pushed through the filter with high pressure thereby making it easy for you to be supplied with pure water without the need to wait for a long period of time. This type of filters can be easily installed on flexible or all-copper piping but the installation process is slightly more complex compared to that simple water filters.

Conventional water filters have a reduced flow rate compared to their simple counterparts. This helps to enhance its performance thereby allowing for the removal of a higher amount of contaminants. Also, you may not need to replace filters on a regular basis since only part of the cold water is filtered and the reduced flow rate. Another downside of this type of filters is that you will have to adjust your countertop to accommodate an additional faucet.


The Pros of Installing an Under Sink Water Filter



Most under sink water filters on the market are now designed in a way that makes them effective for getting rid of different toxic metals and other pollutants. You will find that the filters are now able to get rid of contaminants that were previously removed only with the use of the reverse osmosis system. Under sink water filtration systems use activated carbon filters paired with a host of other technologies to provide you with the best experience.

Undersink water filters are efficient for removing contaminants and pollutant that include sediments, toxic heavy metals, fluoride, arsenic, limescale, taste, and odor of chlorine, as well as microorganisms and bacteria amongst others. They are also beneficial for enhancing the taste, odor, and color of your tap water. Also, since under sink water filters utilize pressure to push tap water through the filter, you will find that it removes a higher amount of contaminant compared to pitcher models that use gravitational force.


Heavy Duty and Convenience

If you have a big family that drinks about four gallons of water or more on a daily basis, then an under sink water filter will be a great choice. This is especially because unlike water filter pitchers, under sink models provide with an instant and continuous supply of drinking water. There is no need to refill or wait through the filtration process with this type of filters.


Long Life Span

Unlike pitcher filters that usually ship with a lifespan of about 2 months or 40 filtered gallons of water, under sink models have a relatively long lifespan. You will find that while some under sink water filtration system require you to replace the filters after about six months of installation or 120 filtered gallons of water, there are others that last for a longer period of time.


Cost Efficient

Under sink water filters are cost efficient compared to their whole house counterpart. For a reasonable price spent on the purchase of the former, you will be able to enjoy pure and better-tasting water processed in the comfort of your home. Also, considering the benefits derived from under sink water filters, one may safely conclude that it offers a better value for money compared to pitcher models.


The Cons of Installing an Under Sink Water Filter



Compared to pitcher water filters, you will find that the first purchase of under sink water filter is more expensive. But as already mentioned, the latter offers a better value for money compared to the former. Also, the replacement filters for under sink water filtration system are more expensive compared to those designed for use with pitchers. Even with this, the best one for you will be heavily dependant on your need and preference.


Professional Installation Process

Under sink water filters, unlike pitcher models require a professional installation process as it involves plumbing and the mounting of hardware. This is usually the case if your sink does not feature a hole for an additional faucet otherwise the process will be somewhat easy for you to complete on your own.


Takes Up Storage Space

Under sink water filters are usually mounted in the cabinet that is directly under your sink. This invariably means that it will take up the space that would have been used for the storage of other items in the kitchen.