Prevent Flooding With This Device

Interesting idea, but will it work?

This will block doors and maybe windows. However the walls of most homes are water resistant, but not waterproof unless they are made of cement or some other solid material. Metal walls are not waterproof. Neither are wood or vinyl walls. Brick walls have multiple leaks. So this is a temporary stop-gap measure at best. Sandbags around a home would be better with best sump pump as backup.

Or if you want to use this idea, than you may also want to coat the exterior of your home with a cement coating of about 1/2″ and part way up to create a wall barrier. I am guessing that the people with spray-on cement from the Dome-Institute projects could accommodate you. (I have no connection to them.)

Another idea may be to create a epoxy/fiberglass barrier along the outside walls of your home which is a few feet high.

Exterior walls should go about a foot or so into the ground so water does not come under your barriers.

And there is nothing wrong with making an earth or sand barrier around your home. Decorate it with flowers. Place a heavy plastic lining under it and between the earth or sand barrier and your home.

I am sure that many people can come up with other ideas…

This will work for a very specific type of construction and only if it’s done in the proper way. If your home has a crawl space probably not going to work in the reason why that is is because between the walls and your foundation not going to be a hundred percent perfectly cereal sealed for all intrusion once the water gets back in behind your siding which it will if it’s coming up underneath the siding it’s going to come in which means you’re going to have water damage water seepage through your walls. Now this will work exceptionally well however if your home is built like a basement is and that is at least complete concrete up until the top of this unit and it will have to be sealed against water intrusion.