Baby Elephant Sanctuary Takes Advantage

The sanctuary we went told us to steer clear of baby elephants because they are dangerous.

Not because they’re aggressive or angry, rather just because they’re silly and don’t comprehend that they throw around a LOT of weight.
Issue with captivity but if you truly wish to put a stop to it how about studying animals and their behavior. Learn and devote yourself to finding ways to help them be free from captivity without being killed by hunters.

The breaking process for elephants and of the needs of elephants which make riding/chaining eye so appalling. I actually have devoted myself to helping elephants and other animals for many years. And hunting is awful. So is exploiting them for profit and pretending it’s conservation.

And telling people about an issue that is a problem that they are unaware of is actually necessary. If you don’t agree that’s no worries. But I will continue educating people on why they should not visit places which exploit elephants for profit. And you won’t be distracting me from that. So you keep on doing you and I’ll keep on being me. Have a lovely day and please avoid places like this that ride/chain/force elephants to perform tricks.

For many years while we have both been working in Animal Welfare. She is one of the most active people I have met in my 30 years being involved in this field. She constantly strives to make changes for the betterment of animals and she is very knowledgeable on the subject. I question why you are having a shot at her, when she is only trying to educate people.

You can also visit the website and see the prices you can pay to ride, learn to chain and have an elephant perform tricks for you. Anyone saying bareback riding of elephants is ok does not have any understanding of this. People are not believing what I’m trying to say because they don’t want to believe it. Does this look tlike a rescue and rehabilitation sanctuary?

Performing tricks on command – this is the standard pose the tourists do with the elephants. Who joyfully spout water on command while their trainers stand close by to make sure they do as they’re told so people get the nice picture they’re paying lots of money for