Solar Panels for The Future

Technology Improvements is happening and the same can be used as temporary shields as well. More Generation can happen from many segment areas as the permanent structures are not present. That is after the time of cultivation the fields can be used to generate the Electricity and in turn the same can have a big effect with the Seashores as well.

It would be good to know how much these cost. While governments should buy them in quantity for disaster relief, the same governments usually use generators for the same purpose now, and purchase price does not include the fuel used to power them. That would be a significant argument to have these, since in disasters fuel is difficult to locate, difficult to transport and expensive.

What I found was that Chicago is rated at 75, which means that it is the second best place in the Midwest to install solar, that Illinois has excellent programs for net metering, and that the payoff time forinstalling your array is 15 1/4 yrs. The value of your home will be increased by solar to the tune of over $3000.00 / kw of panels installed. That by itself would pay easily for the normal-sized array–3-5 kw, granted the 30% tax credits. The payback period already has the number of cloudy days figured in, but it is important to realize that on a cloudy day, the system is still working and saving you electricity costs, just not at 100 %. Meanwhile, the costs of the electricity you currently buy and use are going up steadily in Chicago every year. Solar panels have been less expensive every year, but there is a conceivable limit to that. Illinois has a strong interest in solar production– they have a 25% goal for renewable power production by a date I have forgotten. To me this looks like a much better investment for you in Chicago than you reported. If I were you I’d look into it again.

I happened to hear on the news that it was still raining. At one point I wanted solar panels for my roof but we don’t often have sunlight in the Chicago suburbs in recent years so I’m glad I didn’t spend the money. The panels should cost less and should be buyable in small sets so they should be of use to many of us.


Best Baby Entertainment Center? Activity for Babies

People young and old have been doing things and laughing for years. Have you never put your baby in a bouncer and laughed how they ping about all over the place. You don’t need to buy the best baby activity center. Watched them ride their first bike and fall off, granny falls through the broken chair etc etc..

This is a moment in this baby’s life. It’s not being fed drugs, abused, beaten black and blue. If I did that with my little boy he would probably laugh his head off. Lighten up and laugh. children need to learn lots of things in life and I’m sure this little bean isn’t missing out on anything. The fact that the parents are interacting with their baby surly is a good thing.

The baby looks quite happy! So many naysayers in the comments. How on earth did we manage to raise three kids 40 years ago? I’m sure the virtue signalling folks would have had a field day at some things we did. The kids actually ( gasp!) climbed trees, went to school on their own, used scissors at an early age, played in the dirt and grew up happy.

Wind Up Radio Long Gone

We had wind up radio long before 1992 so this is a puzzle. I believe people are confusing marketing. We even had free radio powered by the signal itself. They were called Crystal Radio but that was a misnomer because in my time we used a crystal diode for polarity so we could use part of the signal for power.

Before that, hobbyists used mechanical rectifiers. Mine built from spare parts in the 60’s pulled in over a dozen and a half channels. Because the power was low, I had to use high impedance headphones. Later I added a battery, transistor and speaker, so the headphones weren’t needed. We had army surplus windup generators and bicycle light generators. In the ’60s there was a craze to convert bicycles to generators to power TV sets. The idea was to jump on the bike machine and peddle your way through the TV shows instead of being a couch potato. Britain must have been a hundred years behind.