Wind Up Radio Long Gone

We had wind up radio long before 1992 so this is a puzzle. I believe people are confusing marketing. We even had free radio powered by the signal itself. They were called Crystal Radio but that was a misnomer because in my time we used a crystal diode for polarity so we could use part of the signal for power.

Before that, hobbyists used mechanical rectifiers. Mine built from spare parts in the 60’s pulled in over a dozen and a half channels. Because the power was low, I had to use high impedance headphones. Later I added a battery, transistor and speaker, so the headphones weren’t needed. We had army surplus windup generators and bicycle light generators. In the ’60s there was a craze to convert bicycles to generators to power TV sets. The idea was to jump on the bike machine and peddle your way through the TV shows instead of being a couch potato. Britain must have been a hundred years behind.